Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today I'm 23 Weeks and I had Marc take a picture of me this morning. You would think with this being my second pregnancy I would get use to these belly shots but I find them somewhat awkward, although necessary. So here's a pic...
Along with my second pregnancy I'm attempting (again) to be a green thumb! After an unsuccessful attempt at growing my own vegetables last year, I'm taking baby steps, one plant at a time. I have to say so far not so bad...I got a cherry tomato plant at Costco a few weeks ago and I'm proud to report we have life! Not to jinx it, but it has rained so much these last couple weeks, I think good old mother nature is on my side! I think I have about 7 tomato's in sprout.

I have my first full session of physical therapy tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed they can get my spine back to it's normal position...this is getting a little too painful!


  1. We are hoping the PT works! Is it safe to get a cortisone shot while you're pregs? We love the plants it has to be much harder growing a garden in arid temps then up here so kudos to you! So much love to you, Marc and the big girl J! We love you!

  2. WOW ... look at that tomato go!!! way better that last year, I guess in your climate that the earlier the better it goes? too hot in the summer.