Wednesday, March 3, 2010

22 Weeks...Tomorrow

If there is one thing I'm good's eating Cadbury Mini Eggs, even when I'm not pregnant I love these things!

Anyway, being pregnant certainly has it's joys and hardships. I love the feeling of the baby kicking and moving, I love the fact that I crave vegetables and somewhat healthy food, I love the continuous growing belly and as of tonight I love water aerobics :) I headed to the gym for some low impact water aerobics, although very exhausted at the moment, I enjoyed the chance to move around and not feel the aches and pains. I'm sure tomorrow will bring a different story. I'm in search of a cure to my annoying sciatic pain, it gets worse and worse by the day (minute) and apparently, according to my Internet research, all that mopping and vacuuming I did on Sunday was probably not a good idea! So if there are any of the 1% of pregnant women out there who get sciatic pain and dying to share their relief tips, I'm all ears...if not I'll continue this venture on my own.
Back to the water aerobics, I have one small bathing suit! I'm cheap and don't want to buy a new one, so do I
1) continue wearing the "tankini" that is too big that I have to safety pin at the side on the top to keep from falling down, but that the bottom half (of the top) is continuously above my belly in the water anyway and have to keep tugging at it or
2) be THAT pregnant lady wearing a bikini?

Are these really my options...? Yikes!


  1. When you look up the info try looking for some yoga exercises. When I went to the PT for my sciatica she constantly had me on the yoga ball. I'll call and try to explain the moves...worth a shot.

  2. Be that pregnant lady in a well fit bikini! That way you don't have to continually adjust your self and you can focus on the exercises and your belly :) If or when I am ever pregnant I'm going to strut my stuff on the beach in a bikini :)

  3. I totally forgot you had a blog, this will be fun!!!!

    I've been treadmill walking to try and stay (somewhat) in shape. I don't have a 2 year old though, so I'm not sure how you get it all in.

    Hope the back improves, sorry I don't have any tips for you other than to make Marc do stuff :) Any tips for keeping my ovary in place? Apparently I have an issue with that.