Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Year Check Up

Jaelyn had her 24 month dr appointment yesterday and was a little ham through the whole thing. The doctor barley had to ask any questions about her development because Jaelyn was talking her ear off. Here are her stats:

Weight - 26.8 pounds (50%)
Height - 35.43 inches (85%)

The doctor said it was good that her height was more than her weight...Marc said he wished that were true for the rest of us :) During the routine check up the doctor became shocked and asked us how long Jaelyn had been sick for?? We were a little confused because she had just been coughing a little over the last couple days. Apparently she has a serious ear infection that the doctor said would have landed us in Urgent Care this weekend. She hasn't been acting like her ear is bothering her at all, although last night she got a hold of my ice pack and held it to her ear for a little bit. Other than that, she is the same old crazy Jaelyn.

Speaking of crazy Jaelyn, we started potty training yesterday at approximately 11am (after our hour wait at Walgreen's for her medicine)! Well, I'm not proud to report that after approximately 23 hours we've had 5 accidents and one success!! We are trying a 3-day potty training plan that I found on, basically for three days we stay home, she is naked from the waist down and we watch for signs of having to go potty. Then when we leave the house she wears just light pants and no diaper, and yes the daycare has agreed to this. Yesterday I caught her in the corner going #2 but successfully whisked her to the potty without a drop...until after she said she was finished and went back to the corner for round two! We tried to nap without a diaper (my bad) and had one accident before she fell asleep and one as she woke up. After that we decided to go outside and play with the neighbors, with shorts on and no diaper and she decided to pee in the neighbors garage on his workout carpet...of all places! I'm proud to report that this morning when we woke her up, her diaper was dry and about an hour after being up she ran over to her potty and went pee! We all celebrated and cheered for her, she was so proud. Since then we've had one MAJOR accident where she screamed and cried like she was being hurt!! We're all cleaned up and calmed down and waiting for the next opportunity! Here's a pictures of her during the process...who can resist this cute little bottom :)

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  1. This just makes me laugh!!! Oh the adventures of growing up Jaeyln!! Well tell her how proud I am of her. I read the "Brag a Little" blog before this one and am soo proud she has the hang of it :)
    Corners and exercise mats omg lol!!! She just makes me grin! xoxoxox Love to all of you!!