Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time Flys

I'm seven weeks into my student teaching and loving every minute of it...well except for the 5 year old tattle tailing, bad words, and the most recent boy who was walking with his hands in his pocket, got pushed, and landed on his face on the cement, busting 3 teeth, his nose and not to mention many facial bumps and bruises. Other than all that business, it's so fun. The days fly by and when a student comes up to you and says "you're beautiful" or "i like your shirt" it just makes you feel wonderful. They do such a great job driving you nuts but then know just the things to say to make you smile. I've started teaching all the lessons everyday and feel so blessed to have such a great mentor teacher, she is so prepared and has lesson plans for the whole year as well as a scheduled routine that the students know like the back of their hand. We have parent teacher conferences coming up in a week or two so it will be interesting meeting the parents and listening to all the Spanish conversation, hopefully I pick up on a little bit of it.

As far as my schooling, I have ONE class left and then I'm done with my Master's degree. I'm in the stages of contemplating furthering my education, but may hold off until a little later in the year. I think I'll stay focused on having a baby and finding a job first! I have one test left to take (for the second time) to get my teaching certificate which just happens to be the US and Arizona Constitution, two things that are so far out of my brain, I've had ALOT of studying to do. So keep your fingers crossed.

I'm 21 weeks pregnant (picture at 19 weeks) with baby girl #2 and already can't wait to meet her! She's moving a lot and right on schedule everyday, I usually feel her in the shower, a couple times throughout the day, in the car on the way home, and again between 8-9pm. She's active and I can't wait for Marc and Jaelyn to be able to feel her moving too. I've been feeling great (minus this sciatic pain) and slowly starting to get more and more energy back!

Jaelyn is constantly making us laugh (and pull our hair out). She is a toddler with a mind of her own and has no problem expressing her feelings no matter where we are! It's made for some interesting outings (sorry Mary Ellen)...She is very opinionated and we try to give her as many choices as we can because she is so proud with the results. She is such a big helper and loves to help mom in the kitchen...she's great at putting peperoni on bagel pizza's! The daycare loves her and can't stop telling us how great her vocabulary is, how much she talks, and how polite she is. Which makes us feel great because around the house we get alot of "NO's" and break downs :). She is good at entertaining herself and really loves being in her room, even in the morning when she wakes up, she doesn't come and get us, she just grabs books or toys and climbs back into her bed. Her hair is getting so long and is still curly, I love putting it in full pigtails, she looks so cute!
Marc is off and traveling with his golf teams and Jaelyn gets so excited when "daddy" comes home. He's headed back to school as well and is taking classes towards his Masters in Leadership and is doing a great job completing his assignments and we are so proud of how hard he is working!

While sorting through some photos I found this one of when I was about three and my first thought was "Jaelyn does look a little like me" (or so I like to think), maybe it's just the hair???