Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June is Over

Almost...tomorrow begins July and brings us that much closer to welcoming baby Kinley into our family. We can't wait to meet her and are playing the waiting game...waiting for a sign, waiting for a contraction, waiting to be dilated...I know it will come soon, but we're ready already!! I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow!

The month of June has brought me a lot of job applying, I think I'm up to 21 total applications now at different school districts here in Arizona. I had to start a spreadsheet just to keep track of where I've applied and what for. I've had 3 interviews, 2 more scheduled, and another in the works...I'm getting excited about all the responses and hope some school district can look beyond my big belly and hire me :) I'm not picky and would be happy to teach any grade level in any district!!

As far as Jaelyn updates, she's still going to school Tuesday and Thursday's and is enjoying it. We have been taking her swimming a few times a week and she is really getting the hang of it! She has gone from only wanting to sit on the steps to floating and "swimming" by herself with her water wings and a noodle. I'll have to get some pictures next time we are out there. Last summer she loved the pool and would jump in off the edge into our arms, this year her understanding of fear has taken over and she's not as friendly with the pool as she used to be, but we're having fun helping her like it.

We love to check on her every night as she sleeps cause she is so quiet and peaceful, this is what we found the other night...

Jaelyn also had her first visit at the dentist, I didn't expect that they were going to clean/polish her teeth and was so glad Marc was there to hold her down. After a little bit of expected crying she did a great job and opened up wide when the dentist wanted to "count" her teeth for her. She got to pick a toy from a grab box and chose a little puppy from the littlest pet shop that goes everywhere with her! Of course we were so proud of her so after the dentist we took her to get a donut at Dunkin Donuts...understandable, right?!?

I recently, out of boredom, attempted to french braid Jaelyn's hair. This was my second attempt and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself...doesn't hurt that she's so stinken cute though :)

Her new found love is her tu-tu, she started calling it her dress but loves to wear it as much as possible. It's pretty cute so we try to get her to dance everytime she wears it.

We think she is starting to understand that baby Kinley is real, she knows baby Kinley has a room, toys, and clothes, and of course every baby we see or hear is baby maybe she fully hasn't grasped the concept yet :) We can't wait for her to meet her baby sister though!

We recently threw a couples baby shower for our good friends Andy and Mary Ellen! It was so much fun having the guys in on the festivities and I'm sure they all loved figuring out "what did baby Davis eat?" as I melted a variety of chocolate bars in diapers. I enjoyed planning and decorating and using a variety of ideas from my previous baby showers. Thanks Mems and Jess I stole lots of your ideas :)
Diaper cake, baby pics & desserts:

Picture frame mat welcoming Baby Davis to the world:

Mary Ellen & her Mom trying to figure out 'What Baby Davis Ate?'

The parents to be getting much needed help from Jaelyn opening their gifts:

That pretty much sums up June...I think! Except for our first outing to the Library today for Toddler Time, we read books, sang songs, learned about the letter L and played with other Toddlers. Jaelyn had a great time!

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